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Catastrophic Injury Cases, Settlements And Verdicts

17 March

In personal injury law, a catastrophic injury is a long-term injury that has a significant effect on a person’s life. In many cases, it prevents them from returning to work temporarily or even permanently. Some examples include spinal or brain injuries, severe burns, loss of vision or hearing, loss of limbs, and paralysis.

Catastrophic Injuries are more often than not caused by accidents, and are usually at the hands of someone else’s negligence. They can even result from a surgeon’s error during a procedure. Some are caused by improper supervision of an activity. Defective equipment is also a huge cause of catastrophic injuries.
The intent of any personal injury settlement is to make an accident victim “whole.” As a practical matter, that is not possible, but lawyers work to negotiate settlements that allow victims to lead a life that is as “normal” as it can be under the circumstances.

When a catastrophic injury is caused by someone else’s negligence in Hawaii, Hawaii catastrophic injury lawyers can help the victim deal with the accident’s traumatic impact. Monetary compensation will not bring back good health, but it can help the victim to come close to maintaining the life they lived prior to their accident.

Any Hawaii medical malpractice attorney will tell you when a traumatic accident — especially if caused by the carelessness of a surgeon — restricts your mobility, a settlement will attempt to restore mobility by making sure the victim has a state-of-the-art wheelchair to get around in. In addition, the injured party may also need a van that his accessible their needs and can be operated by hand. If you’re in Hawaii and your catastrophic injury lawyers get a good settlement for you, it may include your home and surrounding areas being remodeled to fit your change in lifestyle. In Hawaii, a medical malpractice attorney may also suggest rehabilitation as part of the settlement, which should be covered in the settlement.

Hawaii catastrophic injury lawyers work with experts to evaluate the effect a catastrophic accident has on a person’s life.

Most Hawaii medical malpractice attorneys and Hawaii catastrophic injury lawyers try to settle out of court. Some even settle without a claim being filed. These types of accidents have high award payouts and insurance companies would rather keep their costs down by not going to court. Accident victims also have an incentive to settle out of court as treatment can be expensive. Unfortunately, sometimes the settlement does not cover all expenses. There could be a number of reasons why.

If you need a Hawaii medical malpractice attorney or are searching for Hawaii catastrophic injury lawyers, go with the team that has years of experience handling such cases. Jed Kurzban has been handling such cases for years and has the track record of success to give you the confidence you need. He will fight to get you what you are entitled to. Don’t waste time looking around. Go with a law firm that has a name that speaks for itself.

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