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What Constitutes Dental Malpractice?

05 April

No one likes going to the dentist, but when we do head out for extraction or some other procedure, we expect that we’re in good hands. That’s not always the case. Dentists sometimes practice outside the standard of care in their field, and when that happens, it opens the door for dental malpractice, which is seen by the courts in the same light as medical malpractice. Simply put, if you entrust a dentist to your care and are harmed at his hands or the hands of a dental hygienist or assistant, you may have grounds for a dental malpractice case.

At Kurzban, Kurzban, Tetzeli and Pratt, P.A., we know that dental work can be scary, especially if you go for dental work and find yourself in worse shape after you’ve been treated by your practitioner. Dentistry is more complex now than ever before, and with an increase in the number of oral surgeries performed each year, there is a natural increase in the chance of being injured by a less-than-competent dental professional. If you need the assistance of a Hawaii medical malpractice attorney, give us a call now.

Standards of Dental Care

If you have experienced harm at the hands of a dentist or dental professional, then there are a few things that you must prove to the court in order to win your malpractice claim. First of all, you must show that the dentist was licensed and therefore had a duty of care for you as his or her patient. You must also prove that the dentist failed in his duties to you as a professional when he performed botched dental work or made mistakes that caused you harm. And last, of all, you must show that you have damage resulting from the dentist’s actions such as extra unnecessary medical or dental costs, permanent loss of teeth, scarring, lost wages, or other damages.

Examples of Dental Malpractice

Around one-fourth of all dental malpractice cases stem from complications that arise when teeth are extracted, either manually or via surgery. Some of these complications include perforation of the sinuses, serious infections of the gums, and nerve damage. Other claims result from undertaking endodontic dental procedures, and from surgical errors, such as injuries to the gums due to surgical instruments that are left behind following a procedure or the development of air embolisms that cause serious issues. It is not unusual to see a dental malpractice case arise due to serious infections that result from the surgical installation of implants, bridges or crowns. There are also dental malpractice cases on the books resulting from anesthesia and drug reactions during dental surgery and from problems with orthodontics or orthodontic devices.

Let Us Help You

Just like doctors, dentists are required by law to deliver the same high level of care to patients. Contact Kurzban, Kurzban, Tetzeli and Pratt, P.A. at 808-800-2445 to speak with our Hawaii medical malpractice attorney now to discuss the details in your case and determine your best course of action moving forward.

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