Kidney Failure Can Drastically Change Your Life

21 July

Living with a preexisting medical condition can be a burden. It can hinder your from living a normal life in some cases; while in other cases it may have serious … Continue reading “Kidney Failure Can Drastically Change Your Life”

The Many Forms Of Paralysis

20 July

Being in an accident, or having a trauma to your body can cause a catastrophic injury to the body. Most people who sustain catastrophic injuries have to alter their lifestyle … Continue reading “The Many Forms Of Paralysis”

Medical Malpractice Is A Horrible Ordeal For Patients

14 July

Having any type of medical procedure can be a bit scary and unnerving. You put your entire trust in the hands of the medical staff charged with taking care of … Continue reading “Medical Malpractice Is A Horrible Ordeal For Patients”

Paralyzed Diver Had Dreams of Being An Olympian

13 July

One of the most popular high school sports in Hawaii (next to football, basketball and soccer) is diving. Many kids dream of one day approaching the edge of the platform … Continue reading “Paralyzed Diver Had Dreams of Being An Olympian”

‘John Q’ Addresses Failure to Treat In Powerful Film

07 July

It may not have been one of his highest rated movies, but Denzel Washington’s 2002 film “John Q,” tackles a topic that more and more American are experiencing – failure … Continue reading “‘John Q’ Addresses Failure to Treat In Powerful Film”

The Importance Of Technique Over Strength

06 July

Practically every young American male loves to watch some type of contact sport; whether it is football, hockey, boxing, MMA or wrestling. They love to thrill of seeing hard hits … Continue reading “The Importance Of Technique Over Strength”

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