Which Hospitals Have The Most Mistakes?

15 June

When you or a loved one need to get to a hospital, do you take the time to check online ratings before you choose where to go? That is unlikely. … Continue reading “Which Hospitals Have The Most Mistakes?”

Another Victim Identified In Helicopter Crash

11 May

The last thing any one expects when they set out to see the beautiful landscape of Hawaii is that something tragic will happen. However, a recent helicopter crash in Kailua … Continue reading “Another Victim Identified In Helicopter Crash”

What Could Happen If Failure To Treat

04 May

Have you ever spun in circles to the point where you fell down? After so many spins you lost all control of your body and you toppled over. Even getting … Continue reading “What Could Happen If Failure To Treat”

Hawaii Is Worst State For Keeping Patients Informed

27 April

There are a lot of things to love about our state, but health care is not one of them. When we get sick or injured, we seek medical attention. Doctors, … Continue reading “Hawaii Is Worst State For Keeping Patients Informed”

12 Million People Misdiagnosed in Outpatient Clinics Each Year, Study Says

20 April

When you think of the people that you can trust explicitly, your doctor may very well come to mind. But the truth is that doctors are only human, and thus, … Continue reading “12 Million People Misdiagnosed in Outpatient Clinics Each Year, Study Says”

What Constitutes Emotional Distress?

13 April

In a personal injury claim, it is sometimes possible to collect damages for infliction of emotional distress as a component of recovery. And while these awards are not uncommon, the … Continue reading “What Constitutes Emotional Distress?”

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