Some of the most stressful procedures patients undergo when in the hospital are those that involve anesthesia. No one likes being put under because of the risks associated with it and the worry that you might not wake up from the anesthesia. These are risks many take because the procedure they are undergoing will help them beat a serious or life-threatening disease. However, there are anesthesia errors that can occur and an experienced anesthesia error attorney from Kurzban, Kurzban, Tetzeli & Pratt can assist in securing compensation for your injuries.

Common Mistakes with Anesthesia

For the most part, a mistake with anesthesia administration occurs because of improper training, carelessness, or fatigue on the part of the anesthesiologist. Below, you will find some of the most common mistakes made with anesthesia.

Failing to Monitor the Patient

When a patient has been sedated, their heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate must be watched closely for any drastic changes.

Improper Dosage of Anesthesia

It’s possible for a patient to receive too little or too much anesthesia. When a patient receives too little anesthesia they might wake up in the middle of the procedure, causing serious complications. If too much anesthesia is administered, the patient could have trouble waking up after the procedure.

Failure to Provide Proper Instructions

An anesthesiologist is responsible for providing their patient with instructions about how to reduce the risk of complications and the risks associated with anesthesia. If neither of these is provided to the patient it can lead to serious complications.

Improper Administration of Anesthesia

The anesthesiologist is also responsible for determining the correct concoction of drugs for each individual patient. The concoction will often be based on the procedure being performed, the patient’s age, weight, medical history, and gender.

Moving Forward with a Claim

In Hawaii, you are not permitted to jump right into filing a lawsuit when you’ve been injured by an anesthesia accident. Instead, you are required to first file a claim with the Medical Inquiry and Conciliation Panel (MICP). This is a panel of three people who reviews the claim and issues a ruling, during which time you can negotiate a settlement with the medical provider. If a settlement cannot be reached, you can then file a lawsuit.

As of November 30, 2020, there were 88 inquiries filed with the MICP. This number was markedly lower than the 119 inquiries filed with the MICP as of November 30, 2019, but was on track with the 80 total claims filed in 2018. The lowest total number of claims recently filed was 72 in 2017. The year with the highest number of claims recently was 2015 with 121.

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